Ms Nikki Soul

Poetry and writings from my soul

Only You

We can walk down that lane, it would only be right.

We can sit along the shoreline, it would only feel safe.

We can watch the stars shine, it would only be beautiful.

Or you can make me laugh, when there are only tears.

You can show me the light, when there is only darkness.

You can take me away to where there is only you and me.


Sugar Coated

I’ll let your sugar-coated words wreak havoc with my mind, only because you make my soul feel desired.





You will shine so bright that they will be mesmerized against their will.

Destiny is Us

Was it your love or my love that cast a spell on us.

Was it his jealous thoughts or her broken heart that tore us apart.

Damn them.

We could not withstand the world that eventually broke us.


The New Year Full of Wisdom

Here’s to the coming new year! A fresh start with a fresh perspective!

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